Flight Team Members

Paul Hinz

Paul Hinz, Flight Team Director
An Air Force veteran with over 20 years experience as a Silicon Valley engineer and executive, Paul is centrally responsible for the 400x and all flight activities.

Ed De Reyes

Ed De Reyes, M400X Chief Test Pilot 
USAF veteran with flight test experience in over 67 aircraft, Ed is also the USAF subject matter expert for UAV flight test and will be the chief engineer and flight test pilot for all initial flights of the M400x.

Laura Malter

Laura Malter, President, Historic First Flight 
Ms. Malter has over 30 years engineering experience at the CIA, Northrop Grumman, General Motors and product management experience at Qualcomm. Experienced in engine design and analysis of aircraft avionics, communications and support systems, she will direct and manage all event operations and personnel.

Mike Lawrence

Mike Lawrence, Flight Ops and Safety Advisor
Col Lawarence is a retired Marine Corp combat helicopter pilot.  With command experience in over 16 aircraft, Mike is a subject matter expert on helicopters, aviation warfare and military readiness.  Col Lawrence will advise on all flight operations and safety procedures for this event.

Jared Barriere

Jared Barriere, Application Development
Jared Barriere is an application developer with over 10 years experience with Fortune 500 companies developing web and mobile applications and automated test procedures.  Jared will lead the development of applications supporting the event.

Cyril Anyaoha

Cyril Anyaoha, Flight Performance Analyst
Formerly with the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Navy, Cyril has extensive experience with planning and coordinating logistics and staffing, as well as experience in T-56 turboprop mechanics.  He is currently a Performance Analyst for Lockheed Martin.

Dr David Rausch

Dr David Rousch
Dr Rousch is a retired pulmonary physician with deep expertise in physiology and flight medicine spending time at Ft Benning, GA working with cadets as part of the Special Forces and Jump School. Dr Rousch will oversee flight training issues for all pilots and crew.