Press Kit

The Historic First Flight event of the 400x Skycar is the first official flight of a commercially available, vertical take off and landing (VTOL) aircraft that is not a helicopter.  This event will prove the technology and the capability of a vehicle to fly like an airplane without the need for a runway or an airport or helipad. This 400x represents a leap in technology and this first flight event provides proof for the development of an entirely new field in aviation.

The US government is rapidly funding multiple laboratories to develop similar technologies for the US military (see list below).  The heavy interest in VTOL aircraft is in their ability to expand on the initial promise of the helicopter by being:

  1. Far easier to pilot
  2. Much safer to takeoff, fly, land
  3. Extremely Affordable to purchase / own,Twice as fast
    1. with Very Low required maintenance (1/50th the requirement)
  4. Ultra quiet … and very damn cool

The 400x Skycar is based on the concept of ducted air nacelles which is patented by Dr. Paul Moller and represents over 40 years of intellectual development.  This aircraft includes 8 computer controlled engines systems or “nacelles”, each of which contain two rotary engines making a total of 8 engines for the aircraft, allowing for greater stability, power and reliability against system failures.  With a top speed of over 300 knots, the system is even extremely fuel efficient – being upwards of 65% more fuel efficient than standard helicopter technologies.

The market demand for VTOL aircraft like the 400x will rapidly expand following the first flight event in private and commercial aircraft, high speed transportation, medical rescue  and military operations.