Be a part of aviation history:


Sponsor the Historic First Flight of the M400x, the first commercially available vertical take off and landing, (VTOL), aircraft and be a part of history.

Since the dawn of aviation, man has pursued the ultimate freedom of flight—the ability to take off and land anywhere. But helicopters were dangerous, difficult to control and expensive to maintain. That’s why The M400x Skycar represents a revolution in aviation, a paradigm shift in the possibilities of private flight, and as radical as the release of the smart phone, as fundamentally challenging as the release of the hybrid car, as everyday life changing as the introduction of social media to the internet. Everyone will want to know about them, see them fly and dream about owning one.

The M400X Skycar takes off and lands vertically, like a helicopter, but is far easier to fly, incredibly safe in comparison and far less expensive to operate. Whether owned by private aviation enthusiasts, or used for medical airlift operations, the M400x Skycar is a prototype of production vehicles that will undoubtedly transform the entire aviation industry.

The First Flight Event will be backed by an extensive PR campaign and will be attended in person by tens of thousands. With world wide news coverage and follow up print and social media campaigns, event sponsors will have an enormous amount of branding and awareness building opportunity.

Sponsors of the First Flight Event will additionally be able to participate in the “Flight to the Smithsonian” roadshow and the “International World Record” Events.

Sponsorship Levels:

Title Sponsor: The title sponsor shall have the rights for name branding on the aircraft and will have main logo placement for all advertising before, during and after the event. The 400X will be named the “Sponsor Name” 400X Skycar. The title sponsor will also own all branding for the take off and landing areas, including a booth setup at the landing site on the USS Midway. The Title sponsor will have all rights for images and branding associated with the First Flight Event for their own branding and marketing for 2 years.

Named Sponsor: Additional named sponsorships will also be available.  Each named sponsor will have their logos included on the aircraft and on various properties before and after the event, they will also have rights to use images of the Skycar for their own branding and marketing campaigns.

Event Stages

1.) First Flight Event:

The news coverage of the M400x Skycar will begin with the FAA certification flight taking off from Coronado North Island San Diego, flying around the perimeter of San Diego Bay and landing on the USS Midway aircraft carrier museum.  The event will include live camera shots within the

Event Location:
San Diego, California
Takeoff: Coronado Island
Demonstrations along San Diego Bay shoreline
Landing: USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum

2.) Flight to the Smithsonian Roadshow:

Sponsors for the First Flight will be be included in the M400X Skycar “Flight to the Smithsonian Roadshow”, appearing at various high profile events, after which the M400X will be inducted into the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

Each appearance will include a main attraction flight demonstration, e.g., flying around a NASCAR racetrack, as well as an “up close sponsor booth” which will be branded and run by the Title Sponsor for the event. The events will include (list subject to change):

1.) Reno Air Show (Show +Race)
2.) Miramar Air Show
3.) Cleveland Air Show
4.) Fort Worth Air Show (Red Bull Air Races)
5.) NASCAR California 250 Flyover and Demonstration
6.) Phoenix Indy Car Flyover and Demonstration
6.) Las Vegas Grand Prix Flyover and Demonstration
7.) Indy 500 Flyover and Demonstration
8.) Iowa State Fair
9.) California State Fair
10.) San Diego County Fair
11.) SXSW 2015

3.) International World Record Events:

During the roadshow, several world records will be attempted. Sponsors will get additional coverage during these events.

1.) Longest Unrefueled Hover – Absolute (Any Air Vehicle)
2.) VTOL Speed Around A Closed Course
3.) VTOL Time-To-Climb

Additional records:

Ducted Fan VTOL Hover, Speed and Unrefueled Distance

Event Specifics:

The world’s first rotary-powered, ducted fan, vertical takeoff and landing aircraft will be demonstrated for initial FAA certifications.  This event will provide multiple opportunities for sponsor branding and awareness, including:

News/Press Coverage:

Early commitments have been given from the following:

CBS Morning News
ABC “Good Morning America”
NBC Nightly News

Live Television Coverage:

Fox News “Happening Now”

Logo & Product Placement


Website – Direct sponsor link
Air vehicle renamed the “(Sponsor/Product) M400X Skycar”
Hats/Caps, Flight Jackets, Polo Shirts,
Flight Test Patches, Mugs
Pre-Event interviews – hats, jackets,
Polo Shirts (for Dr. Moller & Test Pilot)
All pre-event publicity video
All pre-event print media


Banner – Event Location
VIP & Media Tent – “(Sponsor/Product) VIP Tent
Ceremonies (Official First Flight)

On-Vehicle Logo Placement Locations:

Nacelles (Four Possible Locations)
Full-fuselage wrap
Horizontal Stabilizer

Test Pilot Flight Suit Logo Placement Locations:


Aircraft Transporter Trailer

Cab (Optional Lease)

Difference From Auto Racing Sponsorships:

Live Event Coverage by National News Outlets
Post Event Coverage (Social Media)
Historic First Flight – Industry Changing News
Exclusive – Only One Vehicle Per Event
Slow Flight/Fast Flight – Longest Exposure To Spectators
Built in High Interest in Flying Cars
Aircraft Will Be Placed In Smithsonian with Sponsor’s Logos Intact

To learn more, contact Paul Hinz at:

 [email protected]